Monday, June 27, 2011

birthday's + bacon = pure happiness

We celebrated a special someone's birthday this weekend. Johnny turned the big 26! I can't think of a more perfect way to celebrate a birthday than with presents and bacon :) 

Saturday morning birthday celebrations started with a trip to Ski Haus. 


  • If you go to Ski Haus on your birthday they give you, your age in a percentage off. Simple math Johnny is 26 and received 26% percent off the most expensive item. The very handsome Mr. Walker walked away with a new pair of mens bike shorts (not the tight ones we are talking about Johnny remember), a nice Fox road biking jersey and ....

A SUMO BIKE HONKER FOR HIS CRUISER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTE: It took some convincing but I think its hysterical. You are missing the red thong he will look at when he squeezes it. I actually stole the idea from Shelia (my tri club teammate), she has one and honks it when she passes you in our road bike trials, it makes me laugh every time :) 

  • Another Ski Haus tip...if you buy gas from the Ski Haus gas station they give you a Ski Haus buck for every 10 gallons of gas you fill up. (Mr. Johnny saved me some money on his shorts because his truck takes diesel gas = 3 ski haus bucks for every tank he fills. I on the other hand belong to the I will drive for miles with my gas light on club).
Okay enough of a promo for Ski Haus, I promise they are not sponsoring this post and probably don't even know about my blog :( Someone who does know about my blog is the delicious Creekside Cafe. After our shopping trip to Ski Haus we continued the birthday celebrations at Creekside with yes you guessed it BACON BLOOD MARY'S!!!!! 

The bacon blood mary is new to the Creekside menu. We sat at the bar (which is also new), because there was no wait and our very friendly bartender Tim sugguested it. It was love at first sight for Johnny. Johnny is the type of person who always says stuff is okay, fine, good, but this drink changed his life. They use Bakon Vodka and cut up real pieces of bacon to put inside. Since this is my blog and I try to be truthful I am more of a mimosa person and would never order a bloody mary but the bacon made all the difference in the world. It was the perfect blend of spice and crunch with a little kick. 


  • They purchase their Bakon Vodka from Central Park Liquor (also referred to by my preschoolers parents as the train store).
  • Creekside is attempting to make their own bacon vodka and will shortly know if its any good.
  • Tell the Lander's I sent you and you need this to kick off your weekend festivities. 
  • If you go to Creekside on your birthday they give you a present....

A FREE CINNAMON ROLL THAT MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH! My favorite part of a cinnamon roll is the middle and even though it wasn't my birthday Johnny still let me have the middle.
All that was missing was a candle.

Johnny ordered the Country Fried Steak Tender Yampa Valley beef steak hand pounded, battered and fried; smothered in pork sausage gravy, served with our breakfast potatoes, two eggs any way and toast, he was in gravy heaven.

I tried to order healthy Santa Fe Monterey Jack cheese, smoked ham, onions and mixed peppers (sub egg white and fruit cup).

Surprise, surprise I ended up stealing some bites of Johnny's.

This picture might be of the cinnamon roll but it still shows how much I love the food and apparently how big of bites I take. 

After Creekside we went to the farmers market. I told you that I go every week and this week I spotted something new...

Purple Cauliflower. I was not brave enough to purchase any because I have never cooked cauliflower period, note to self, put on cooking bucket list. 

The middle of the day involved golf for Johnny and a hike around the mad creek loop for me with Howard and my friend Summer.

We ended the birthday celebrations with a trip to tequilas for queso and margs. You can tell who wears the pants in this household or extremely big sombreros. 

I'm very tired after our big weekend and surprised that I even made it through this long post, hopefully you will too.

Tomorrow I promise to blog about the wedding we attended @ the botanical gardens, stay tuned :)

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