Thursday, June 16, 2011

flowers and cookies

My morning started by finding these beautiful flowers on my front steps.

Truthfully, my morning started with a swim at the Old Town Hot Springs. I was a little discouraged about a swim test that I did with my triathlon club. (I'm convinced there was a lap counting/timing error, oh well next time I will kick faster).

I had mentioned to my co-teacher Katina that I loved the flowers in her garden and she surprised me by putting some on my front porch :) Honestly, it was the highlight of me day. It's the little things in life that make a difference so tomorrow try to write someone special in your life a cute note, text, email, or heaven forbid pay them a phone call to let them know you are thinking about them!

The other highlight of my day involved chocolate, surprise, surprise. I took an early lunch break and had lunch with Johnny at Winona's before he left for Las Vegas. (Johnny will be going to LV for the first time for our friend Kevin's bachelor party).  At Winona's I tried something new (shocker) and had the tofu garden sandwich. The sandwich had marinated tofu with cucumbers, sprouts, red onions, carrots, and Thai peanut sauce on wheat with a fruit cup. Normally my order is similar but comes in the form of a wrap and not a sandwich. The sandwich was delicious! The tofu was cooked perfectly. I did sub the majority of my wheat bread for some of Johnny's french fries.

Since Johnny figured I would be lonely without him all weekend he made up for it by buying me one of the world's greatest cookies. 

I have been known to say that if I were ever ready to jump bring me this cookie and I will come back down.

It is a chocolate-chocolate cookie that tastes like a brownie and is covered in powdered sugar. A pure taste of heaven.

One of my preschoolers mom's is the head baker there and sometimes gives me one for free or brings me one at the school labeled "Miss Ashley." Sign that I have made it to the top....I get my very own cookie!

Please notice how half of the cookie is gone, any bets on how much longer the other half will last? I  did "hide" the other half of the cookie from myself on top of our kitchen shelves.

Have a great evening!

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