Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fire-cracking good time

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of july!

My fourth of july celebrations started with a party at the preschool on friday. I wanted to share a super cute and easy cooking project, fire-cracker pretzel rods. All you needs is:

  • pretzel rods
  • melting white chocolate
  • sprinkles
Two easy steps, dip the pretzel rods in the white chocolate and roll in sprinkles. I suggest putting a generous amount of sprinkles on parchment (this will make clean up much easier). My preschoolers loved it!

Pretzel fire-crackers are not just for kids, they can be used as table decorations in a simple mason jar. 

So pretty and festive! Talk about festive look at the awesome forth of july accessories I picked up from Target's dollar bin.

I know that I look like a complete dork but I LOVE dressing up :) Apparently  someone else does too...

Johnny celebrates in his own way (note the PBR in hand).

It wouldn't be forth of July without a little BBQ. We grilled smoked chicken apple sausages topped them with mustard, ketchup and peppers. I tried Sarah Lee's 80 calorie wheat bun, I must say they are pretty tasty. I whipped up an impromptu salad:
  • arugula
  • goat cheese
  • pear
  • soy nuts
  • a little EVOO
  • lemon juice
Everything turned out amazing. The salad was sweet and the perfect light mixture to the heavy meat. I should have slash would have taken a picture of the chicken apple sausages but forgot and threw away the wrapper too soon (don't doubt that I dug into the garbage today). It was a random new brand that I wanted to try and will definitely make sure to recommend next time I buy them.

*Note our bright new place mats thanks to Wallmart and gold vase thanks to Annie's Home Consignments. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous forth of july weekend and that your parade was full of Camel's :)

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