Thursday, June 9, 2011

tee time

A few days ago I went back to good ole links. I call myself a golfer but lets use this term "very" loosely. I played on the Varsity golf team senior year in high school (only to fulfill my physical education requirement) but like to pretend that I know what I'm doing.

Golf is a sport for people who have patience and can be quite, neither of which are qualities that would be used to describe me. I am loud and very impatient.

During the summer Johnny works as outside staff at a fancy golf course in Steamboat so I figured I would take advantage and try to improve my game. I let the pro show me how its done :)

Then I took a swing...

I like to pretend I know what Im doing but usually my chances of actually hitting the ball are 50-50. I have been told that I need to slow down my swing and keep my head down. Sounds a little funny to tell someone to "slow down and keep their head down." 

This is more what I really look like...

a swing and a miss. Even though we only played two holes we called it good to go home and make dinner (quick chicken cesear salad). 

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