The Brew Crew


Johnny and I meet in Boulder and have almost been dating for four years (where has the time gone). We currently live together in Steamboat Springs, Co with our two dogs Howard and Pearl. He will often be featuring on the blog, whether its cooking, biking, hiking, dancing, laughing or singing, pretty much any activity that we do together. He is an outdoor enthusiastic, which led to us living in a ski town. Johnny likes to snowboard, ski, mountain bike, golf, fish and camp. 

He is very easy going and will pretty much eat or try anything I put on the table, as long as it doesn't involve zucchini or squash. This year we did try spaghetti squash for the first time and let me tell you its amazing!

Howard Bernard Reed-Walker is a four year old golden retriever. Don't let his dashing good looks fool you he isn't the brightest pooch but we love him anyway. Howard loves to play fetch, swim and sleep on any furniture possible. He makes for an excellent vacuum cleaner but will not eat veggies or fruit. Howard's best friends are Pearl and Carlos, a giant stuffed monkey.

Pearl Ann Walker-Reed is the newest member to our family. She is a five month old Newfoundland. She weights about 60 lbs and looks like a black bear. Puppies are funny, cute and adorable until they eat your  underwear and leave your apartment covered in shredded toilet paper.

We are currently working on teaching her to swim. Swimming is supposed to come naturally to her bred but she has been a little shy so far. We would love any advice or tips on how to make her more comfortable in the water.