Monday, June 6, 2011

steamboat half marathon

Yesterday I ran in the Steamboat Springs half marathon. People have different motivations for finishing a race, some came to Steamboat to add another race to their running resumes, some run to achieve a specific time, some run to check off a bucket list (my reason for this half last year) and some just want to finish. My motivations for the race included having fun with my friends and trying to beat my last half's time, check and check!

Race day brings about so many emotions. I felt joy, relief, sadness and nauseous. I was joyful to complete the race, relieved that I ran 13.1 miles without pain, sad that I had achieved my goal and needed to set a new one, lastly nauseous after I got home from the heat. The nauseous was definitely the worst but luckily passed in time for me to celebrate with brunch and mimosas.

For me the best part of a race is not only the amazing feeling of crossing the finish line but training with my girlfriends and watching them cross the finish line. Last year my best friend Sally Kate talked me into running my first half marathon and this year we gained three more half newbies in Jordan, Summer and Angela.

Support from friends and family during a competition is huge. I was lucky enough to have my two biggest fans Johnny and Alana come to the finish line to cheer us on. Johnny was incredible and drove up to around the 7 mile marker with the dogs to cheer us on. There was no better feeling than coming around the corner to see him standing in his truck bed clapping for me! I'm the luckiest girl in the world :)

After the race I went home for a quick shower and change before riding Coco Loco (my cruiser) to meet the gang for a delicious post race meal at the Creekside.

After a filing brunch we continued the afternoon by celebrating in the sunshine. My wonderful day ended with a spotting of a baby and mama bear.

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