Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sometimes you feel like cooking and sometimes you don't

Tonight I got home from a twenty mile bike ride on my new road bike, thanks to Orange Peel Bike Shop :) I promise to post pictures of my road biking adventures soon. Back to the point... after getting home from bike riding I was too tired to actually cook so I made a "I am cooking but not being fancy meal, " also known as easy chicken caesar salad. 

Here is a picture of all of the ingredients.

Opps I forgot the dressing. I'm pretty much obsessed with any Annie's dressing. They are amazing on salads and also work for marinating.

Here is a picture of the finished product....oh wait I got too hungry and forgot to take one, opps :(

After scarfing down my salad and massive amounts of tortilla chips I began my second I'm not really cooking mission but this time is was I'm baking from a box. Tomorrow is the annual Laurel Street bakesale. (If you live in Steamboat and are reading this I expect you to stop by the school between 10:00 and 12:45 to get your sweet tooth fix). Normally, I love to bake but I'm saving my baking energy for a certain someone's birthday that is coming on saturday, its JOHNNY!

I might have taken a few ingredients from the school to bake the cupcakes.

The finished cupcakes will be perfect for kids but not my cup of tea. 

I had a chocolate Vitatop with almond butter, and strawberries instead (also went into my belly before a photo could be taken).

Have a great evening :)

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