Saturday, July 16, 2011

afternoon delight

On Wednesday Johnny and I meet on my lunch break to try out Mountain Brew, a new coffee shop. Mountain Brew recently relocated from the mountain to a new downtown location at 427 Oak Street. The day before I went to Mountain Brew for a business networking breakfast and was dying to go back to try out breakfast or lunch (I obviously only waited one day).

Mountain Brew offers a unique selection of coffee and expresso drinks like "alice in wonderland: latte with vanilla & raspberry," "apple pie: apple & cinnamon latte-just like moms," or the "turtle: chocolate carmel and peanut butter." Since I have been off the brew (meaning coffee) for over three years I went with my typical summer drink of iced green tea.

The iced green tea really hit the spot. I love iced green tea during the summer and some might consider my daily indulgence an addiction. I found Mountain Brew's green tea to have hints of fruit while allowing the smooth flavor of fine tea to shine through.

Johnny on the other hand is a brew man. He is also a big candy fan and tried a coffee drink called "snickers: chocolate, vanilla and carmel."

I think he liked it because he drank it so fast it was hard for me to snap a photo.

In addition to coffee and pastries, Mountain Brew serves breakfast and lunch items. I ventured out from my norm of going with a salad and ordered the "vortex: tomato, cucumber, avocado & hummus" sub sandwich.

This sandwich was the perfect summer sandwich with its light veggie ingredients and crunchy bread. I love thick rolls but I don't like the extra inside bread so I usually ask the restaurant to excavate the bread (yes I know what this word means). In this case the bread was perfect, the french begat was not overly stuffed and had the perfect crunch with every bite.

Johnny went with a quesadilla the "stampede: blend of cheeses, chicken, and roasted red pepper, sliced avocado and salsa."

His quesadilla was very tasty (I traded him a piece for the other half of my sandwich). It was cooked perfectly with a little crunch on the ends. My only suggestions would be to put the avocado inside of the quesadilla and to serve it with more salsa, you can NEVER have too much salsa in my opinion.

Overall we both left happy and full :) We did share peanut butter cookies but those were devoured even before we got our lunch.

After lunch we walked down the street to take a look at the community garden. Leadership Steamboat created the garden in 2010 so that people would have a place to grow fresh vegetables while learning local agricultural heritage and healthy lifestyles.

There are park benches and a nice shady tree to sit and read. Visiting the garden made us want to grow our own vegetables but for now I think we will stick with the tomato plant which is doing awesome!

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