Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's "Sposta" be good

Most importantly, I would like to apologize for the delay in posts.  I have recently switched professions and promise to post about the big change soon. Today I have decided to dedicate my blog post to things that you may (ARE) be missing out on.

Have you ever tried mango as a bagel topping because you should!

I must confess that last week I purchased and learned how to cut a mango. I am pretty much obsessed with a little blog called Run Eat Repeat and Monica taught me how to cut a mango with her youtube video. Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-boXxOmPqA&feature=youtu.be

I ate my mango on top of a cinnamon raisin bagel thin with peanut butter. If you can't tell how excited I was to try it you should note the bite missing in the photo :)

Additionally I would like to confess my unhealthy obsession with Justin's mini peanut butter and almond butter packets because they are the perfect size to fit in your purse and they taste amazing!

The main point being you are missing out if you are not eating mangos, cinnamon raisin bagel thins and peanut butter.

You are also missing out if you have not tried Spostas Steamboat's newest sushi restaurant. Truth be told Spostas has been around for awhile as a delivery only restaurant but now is located at 825 Oak Street.

Last Friday night Johnny and I decided to try it out and were not disappointed.

I started out with the traditional miso soup.

I loved how the miso soup came in a non-traditional bowl. Since they are a new restaurant they are working out the kinks with mix matched plates and paper menus. I don't need all the glitz and glamour as long as the food comes out in a timely manor (check) and is delicious (check).

If you know me at all you know that I am a boring orderer (insert salad) and almost always make alterations.  In this case I did order a salad but it came with rice. I figured I couldn't go wrong with my selection because ultimate was in the title. I ordered the ultimate sushi salad : tuna, imitation crab atop rice and romaine with yellow bell peppers, sprouts, and avocado. I ordered it with poppy seed dressing on the side. If they would have let me back in the kitchen I would have drank the dressing from the bottle it was so incredible.

You are missing out if you do not go try this salad. This bright, colorful, flavorful dish is a must have. I thought it was interesting how the salad came with rice but it was nice because it made it a mix between a rice bowl and salad. The fusion of the rice and salad was hearty yet fresh and light.

Johnny went the traditional route by ordering sushi (ordering sushi at a sushi restaurant who knew) with untraditional ingredients like pepper jack cheese and ground beef. He order the yampa valley roll: Colorado grass feed ground beef pepper jack or sharp cheddar cheese, dill pickle and teriyaki sauce. He also ordered a K2 roll: tuna, tempura fried asparagus, green onions, avocado, teriyaki and firecrackers sauces.

Even though the ingredients in his rolls were a little unusual they worked really well together. Overall I would definitely go back for dinner or even lunch, they have an awesome lunch special 11:30 to 3:00 two rolls for 9 dollars.

In Pearl's case she is missing out on some of her lady parts and is not a happy camper.

No puppies for us = one miserable Pearl Ann

I'm off to take care of puppy Pearl, have a good evening!

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