Monday, August 1, 2011


This weekend Johnny and I made the hour and a half drive to his parents condo in Copper. On Sunday I competed in my first triathlon (post coming soon) and we figured we would make a weekend out it. After sitting in the car for what seemed like forever I was famished, surprise-surprise. I used Johnny's fancy iphone to yelp search restaurants in Frisco and came up with the "Lost Cajun," it had received 4 stars and sounded like a little piece of southern heaven in the middle of a Colorado ski town.

From the outside it looked quaint with its log cabin exterior and cozy picnic tables. After finding a seat at a table outside we were presented with the menu and two samples of red beans with rice and crawfish etouffee. It was refreshing to have samples before choosing what to order.

After the log drive I decided to order a glass of white wine and was surprised to find the plastic cup it came in. I know it was a laid back atmosphere but the wine tasted like it came from a box (not that I had a problem drinking it but it tasted like freshmen year of college).

After being disappointed with the wine I felt very flustered to say the least of what to order. I asked the waitress if they had a salad because everything on the menu was fried and her response was "we have coleslaw."I do love fried food but was in the mood for something a bit lighter.

Johnny's interpretation of my indecisiveness....

Since Johnny knew it would take me awhile to decide what to order he followed suit and ordered an Abita, a Louisiana beer, that they poured into a paper cup (odd).

We bravely decided to test our luck with the fried shrimp po-boy and seafood gumbo.

The food failed in its photographic appeal and taste.

The gumbo was EXTREMELY salty and almost inedible. I was brave enough to try the potato salad which tasted like it came from the grocery store pre-made display. Honestly, I was very unimpressed to say the least. I stole a couple of bites of Johnny's shrimp po-boy and french fries. Both of which were salty but made a little better with ketchup (the universal problem solver).

After being thoroughly disappointed we made the executive decision to head down the street to Vinny's one of our favorite restaurants for a recovery drink. We left so fast that johnny left his sunglasses and we had to get them the next day if thats any indication of how we felt about about our dining experience.

Since Sunday was race day we decided to enjoy the breath taking view from his parents condo and grill out on Saturday night.

The gorgeous view makes me feel so fortunate and lucky to live in such a beautiful place (it's okay if it makes you a little jealous ;)

His parents bought the condo when he was eight and he has had the pleasure of riding the super bee lift ever since.

Sometimes the most amazing meals come out of simple ingredients. Considering we were leaving in the morning we didn't want to buy too many ingredients. The perfect solution to getting your veggies and CHEAP.....salad in a bag!

Our grilling ingredients...

The grill master (he knows how to perfectly butterfly a sausage, because thats the ONLY acceptable way to eat a link)!

A romantic table for two.

Could you imagine if a $2.00 bone was the key to your happiness.

Sometimes happiness comes in the form of a big drolly smile :)

Or happiness comes in the form of a chicken apple sausage you can devour in one bite!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about my first triathlon and wedding season. 

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